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"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust

The journey towards knowledge is to observe reality from an ever-changing perspective. It’s looking at the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, and seeing the hundred universes that each of them sees.

All our initiatives guide you in this discovery; exciting and satisfying your curiosity and your thirst for


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Event organization
and management

We take care of the whole creation and management of events and exhibitions.

We offer private persons and companies our experience in events organization, management and promotion related to the world of education, personal growth, well-being, philosophy, art and culture in all its various forms.

We love our work: the projects change, but our values remain the same.
Listening and initiative : we listen to you and turn your ideas into reality in an efficient way.
Simplicity and clarity: we take care of you and update you constantly.
Professionalism and lightness: we get the work done – always with a smile

… and in tune with you, inspiration turns into result.

Explorations, Events
and Personal Growth

These are conferences, exhibitions, concerts, trips, in-person and online courses where you will connect with very special people: they are all experts in the exploration of the world, humanity, life and culture

By joining our experiences, you can be touched by their words, their colours, their music, their flavours and fragrances, you can travel with them to discover the world and soul places you could never have imagined.
The topics of our events range in many different realms and you’re sure to find the one that’s suitable for you.

Want to meet interesting people, be challenged with original viewpoints and suggestive ideas?
Want to travel in a new and different way, assisted by very special guides who will allow you to discover the most secret aspects of the destinations you are visiting?
Want to take on true explorations of the world, soul and mind?
Want to test yourself with challenges that will push the limits you thought you had?

Want to learn, experience and have fun with us?

Planned Experiences:

live the The Open Square world

diversity is a resource

About us:

At The Open Square we create and suggest experiences in the knowing that meeting new ideas brings us closer to our freedom.

We are supported in our efforts by extraordinary people, excellencies in their field: a varied group comprising individuals with different training and experiences, but all of them willing to make their knowledge and competence available.

They are researchers, scientists, thinkers, athletes, journalists, performers, artists, academics, professors, educators, explorers of world, soul and mind spaces.
People who make you think, smile, move, grow.

All the The Open Square protagonists, the great people who shape its world, are the additional value that allows our project to be realized and us to evolve.

You with us

Guglielmo Poli

Co-founder The Open Square

I am the creator of this project, which was born from the desire to make available all the experience I have gained during the long years I have been working as an international instructor.

The meeting with thousands of people from all over the world, the encounter with many ideas and habits, has made me aware of the beauty of diversity and the value of confrontation. On this background I decided to create this open plaza where I can stimulate thoughts, propose knowledge and create culture.

I am currently also the Director of the International Team of Instructors and Co-Director of The Reconnection LLC, a company that works on personal and professional growth in the field of wellness
Before getting me on stage, the vision of those who had already bet on me and wanted to make me a truly complete professional, made me cover all the roles, both organizational and practical, within large events. Thanks to a valuable “apprenticeship” I know perfectly all the secrets to make a simple event an extraordinary successful one!

Through my Reconnective Academy International, I’m an Event Organiser for events in countries such as Brazil, India, Japan, Colombia, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Dubai, Singapore, UK, USA… and many more to come.

Pastore Stocchi

Co-founder The Open Square

I was born in Friuli, which I left when I was a child, and I have always lived between Bologna and Rome. After classical studies, I graduated in Jurisprudence. For about 25 years, I have successfully practiced as a lawyer qualified to advocate before the High Courts, even if this world has never mirrored my true feelings.

My education and my rational mind coexist in great harmony with my curious spirit, willing to learn and take on new adventures. Reading is my passion, learning is my need, sharing my experience with other people is my wish. I love traveling and discovering the beauty of the world and its cultural differences that feed my soul and creativity.

My life path, not always easy, has let me understand how important is to listen, to be aware of myself and to be brave enough to always put myself on the game. In the last years I have been contributing to the foundation of the Reconnective Academy Italy and I have been collaborating with the Reconnective Academy International for which I am organizing events in many place around the world.

And now, with The Open Square project, I continue my journey of knowledge and freedom.
With love and passion.


Co-founder The Open Square

I was born in Rome, where I live by alternating longer time periods in Switzerland. I attended the Villa Flaminia High school in Rome where I achieved my graduation presenting a thesis titled “Non-verbal Communication” examined in interdisciplinary way.

This first work of mine was published on the Dr Igor Vitale website where I proudly have my own Author page.I am now attending the Interpreting and Translation Department at UNINT UNIVERSITY.

My passion is communication, being open to different world and cultures, learning through dialogue and sharing my experiences with whoever wants to grow with me.

My commitment in this project is to create opportunities of interactions , especially among young people, by offering my skills developed through a long collaboration with the Reconnective Academy Italy, where I am also Vice President, and with the Reconnective Academy International.


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